Assignment for a linked Doctype

Hello community. We’re using 3 custom doctypes which are “Fin Customer”, “Fin Customer’s Documents”, “Fin Customer’s Loans”.

When we assign from Fin Customer to one of our accountants, accountant isn’t able to see Fin Customer’s Loans or Documents. How can we auto assign the same accountant to those 2 documents once Fin Customer has an assignee?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I could really use a bit of help here :slight_smile:

May be you can write a Server-Side Script to update the Target Doctypes _assign when the Source Doctype is updated (validate event)

Don’t thing there is an option available on the interface to achieve what you want.

You must be right. I’ve added _assign and owner fields and able to get the user infos out, and I’ve tried working with Auto Assignment Rule, but can’t figure it out.

I’d greatly appreciate any type of script that might do the job :slight_smile: