Assignment of Issues to Groups

Would like to kickstart a discussion so that we can lay the framework before developing the enhancements required to allow assignment of Issues to Groups. Most importantly is that it is something agreeable by the community and core team as we would want it to be pushed upstream.

Basically, we want to be able to have the ability to assign users to groups. Subsequently we then can assign these groups to doctypes like Issues - this is quite common in mainstream Helpdesk applications. On top of that we also want to be able to assign multiple users and/or combination of groups to specific doctypes.

More details in:

Would like to know what the community thinks of this. Any feedback would be great!

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@bohlian personally, I don’t think this is a good idea.

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@bohlian If you are a programmer then you can do this by customization.


  1. Add New Role Group One, Group Two and assign new role to user.
    (This solves problem to make group of user)
  2. Add Custom Button ‘Assign to Group/Role’
  3. Make your custom server side function to assign Doctype To User Group(i.e. Role)
    (you need to first fetch all users of having Role Group one, then need to assign doctype to all fetched user.)

You can maintain this customization in separate app.

Note: According to me, its good to assign one task/doctype to only one user at a time.
And if its big task, then divide task into small part and assign Task per user.

@rmehta, specifically for the “Issues” doctype, which is essentially like a Helpdesk app, in Small and Medium sized companies, the users mostly assign issues or support tickets to teams rather than a single person. This helps because if a ticket was assigned to one user specifically and if he/she is not at work for say a few days the ticket never gets picked up. In my opinion, if we want the Support module to be used by the masses we’ve got to have the ability to assign them to “groups” of users. Perhaps you have a suggestion on an alternative design to achieve this?

@kolate_sambhaji, thanks for your suggestion, I do strongly support your comment on one task to one user for all Doctypes except “Issue”, reason because like in all Helpdesk applications, enterprise level or small, all of them support assignments to multiple users and or groups. We did also tinker with the idea of using Roles but it kinda conflicts with what Roles are used for.

I suppose we wanted to see whether such a feature would interest the community so we could share but if this is not the case we could maintain it separately.

Do keep the suggestions coming. Would like to see more views. Thanks.

I was looking for a way as well, and the only way was able to do it is by assiging the task to the support team in general and if something is related to another department it would be assigned automatically to the person.

Which is some sort of a workaroud, however i really would love to know if you found.a way for this.

@bohlian Have you got any solution for this. I am also looking for similar

Hi, any idea how to do this?