Associate Lead/Opportunity/etc. with multiple companies?

I’m trying to figure out how I can use ErpNext with multiple companies that have different sales processes, but might sometimes have the same customers/clients.

Suppose I have an Insurance Company, and a Shoe Store. I want to be able to associate a Lead/Opportunity with BOTH Companies OR just one Company by selecting different Companies in the Lead/Opportunity record.

To do that, I would need some method of changing the Company field to a multi-select field, so I can select more than one value.

Is this possible?

Hi @oguruma,

It’s not possible because when you make a table multi-select then show errors like Option Company for field company is not a child table.

If the company doctype is child table then you can set the multi-select option.

Table Multi-select field for check it, please. → Table MultiSelect Field