At Every new major erpnext Update the same bug occurs

Hello Everyone
I switched from ERPNext version 8 to version 9 and when i try to set Desktop Icons i get a blank page, i already had this problem when i switched from version 7 to version 8.
please when are you going to fix this issue once and for all.

PS: i use ERPNext in French so i think this issue is translation related, because i tried changing the system language to english and i no longer had this issue.

Hi @Ilyes,

Yes it due to the translation of the “Data Import Tool”.

You can change the translation locally by removing the special characters.

As for the correction, everyone is welcome to participate, especially regarding localization issues, because it is an open source tool! :wink:
If you are a Frappé Cloud customer, don’t hesitate to create a support ticket.

I’ll try to propose a fix this week-end.

Have a nice day!