At times, the custom field is not getting created through fixtures. Why would it happen?

When we export the custom field from devsetup to the production server through fixtures, the field doesn’t get displayed in the form. The field is present in the custom_field.json and yet it deosnt reflect in the UI., I have done bench reload-doc as well, and still no update.

I’m wondering what 's going on…why wouldnt it load from the json?


Hello @kirthi,
Try The “bench migrate” and “bench start” command
i hope it will help


@sagar It works. But then, I just realized that when i run bench run-tests it all goes away again.

Has someone experienced this with bench run-tests?

bench run-tests always fails since it cannot find the custom fields…I wonder if this is a system issue or something to do with my customizations?

bench run-tests delete all custom fields before execution.

so you have to sync fixtures first while executing test cases.


Thanks @saurabh6790 That was it.