Attach before saving a document

Hi Team,

I am working on creation of a specific DocType.

I am going to implement it replacing Google Forms, as it is an excellent option which allows attachments.

At the time of taking Demo of functionality of created document, it didn’t allow to attach and came up with dialogue box Please save the document before uploading.

I am wondering why system do not allow to attach a document before saving it?

I want to collect some data at the time of saving a document.



Did you try inserting a custom field if Type Attach?

For updating Image-attach field, you must save document first.

I have tried Attach field. It is also asking to Save before attaching anything to it.

I’m not positive, but I think the reason is that ERPNext doesn’t write info to the database until a document is saved. Since the uploaded files are saved in a different place and need to reference the document, it needs to be saved first to generate a document ID that the file can reference.

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Yes, It is true.

Once the Document is saved, it accepts attachments.

but isn’t that kinda boring

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