Attaching a Pdf File in ERP so employees can click to read it

Hello All,

I am still new to ERP and i am trying to attach a pdf in form such that employees can just click on the pdf for it to open so they can read what the pdf contains. it is a pdf containing safety tips and precautions which everyone should be able to access and read.

i would appreciate if i can get a good solution in applying this in ERP

Upload your file to ERPNext file list, make sure it is public.

Then customize the doctype you want by adding an HTML Field to your form.
In your HTML code, you can write something like

<a href="/files/document-name.pdf">🔗 Safety Tips & Precautions</a>


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Thank You so much. It worked perfectly

So the users are able to see the whole html code and link, how do i make that hidden such that they can only see the link to click for the file and not the whole code. This is what they see exactly :point_down:

Use the HTML field not HTML editor field.
Place your code in the options section.

@Yamen_Zakhour Thank you so much. It is working fine now after following this instruction :slightly_smiling_face: