Attachment: Same file to multiple items

Hey there,

I only found this the other way around so far: Is there a sensible way to attach one file (data sheet, for example) to multiple items? If I do so at the moment, the file appears as many times in Attachments as it’s linked to items.

Core question: If I change the file on disk, do the changes apply to the multiple attachments? I don’t assume so, but how can I solve this?
There are a number of items here that could be variants (though I won’t be able to import them this way - just too many) and so they need all the same attachments.

If you create the items as variants using the item template functionality …you only have to upload the image to the template.

Once you attach the image to the template all the variants will inherit the image and if you change the image the variants image will change too.


Thanks for your ultra quick reply, @olamide_shodunke!

Seems like the import will be even more fun now. We are talking about 16k items here, no variants in the old software.
I see no way in automating the import so far, and I won’t be importing them all manually. But the functions we are looking for seem to be available only if we follow these methods.