Attachment Type Restrictions in not working

I’d like to restrict Guest and Portal users to only upload certain types of files. From this frappe fix, it looks like I only need to change

I’ve since removed unwanted types(excel) from the list in and restart the bench. However, portal users still can upload .xlsx files. Am I missing anything here?

hello, you can remove the following to block xlsx

here is a reference for other files mimtypes

Thanks! The list actually only contains JPG, PNG, PDF. However all other types can still be uploaded.


hello, maybe one reason is you need to do bench restart if self hosted or if you are using FrappeCloud go to bench > Versions > restart bench because ALLOWED_MIMETYPES is a global variable

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Self hosted v13 in development mode. Already did bench restart after modifying the list. I’m really confused why the changes has no effect. Not sure if there’s anything else I need to change?