Attachments and Comments - ISSUE

Hey, guys, good afternoon,

I have some questions with the Issues part.

  1. I need help, on the Issues part inside ERPNext, I would like to know if it is possible to create an interaction between the Support (internal) and the client (external), because currently we from the support only see what the client sends us in the comments, but we can’t communicate with them, the comments we make there are only internal.

Would you have the possibility to change the settings so that the client receives the comment directly without the use of email ?

  1. The attachments that customers forward via issue we do not receive, and the same happens to them, they cannot see what we attach,

PS. I already tried to change in the web form but it didn’t work, could you help ?

This sounds more like a customer service call center kind of thing. ERPNext is not really designed around such a model at this time.

These kinds of interactions seem more suited to a system like FreeScout.