Attempt to integrate Frappe Authenticator with Cordova Wrapper on Android

Imported Authenticator and Sync Adapter

Android Frappe Authenticator

Modified Source forked from frappe/mobile: mobile/platforms/android/src/io/frappe at android · revant/mobile · GitHub

If completed, this will add the contacts and event sync to current Cordova App on android, as well as help other android developers to use signed in ERPNext accounts from android phone.

Menu to select account if Authenticator account Added

called getAuthToken from Cordova JS

Downloaded Assets with access_token

Consequent calls fail because,

  • they are standard jquery calls from frappe js
  • they don’t contain header.

Workaround :

I’m stuck with BroadcastReceiver, as per the Stackoverflow link, I’ve tried adding BroadcastReceiver and <receiver> tag in manifest.

Stuck with capture of Cordova’s HTTP calls in this receiver.

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Try using crosswalk instead of default android webview. crosswalk has chromium fullstack browser capabilities.

I think we don’t have control over choosing what cordova uses for rendering website unless we add one more plugin (guess).

Here is what you need:

@revant_one What’s the current state of your work on the Android integrations?

Are hey stable and will the be merged into the official ERPNext app in the near future?

It looks like an urgently needed future, and I’m surprised that there is so little talking about lately.

No commits from me since long time.