Attempting to automate the picking list process

Hello everyone, I just recently finished going through the frappe framework certification and have been tasked with on working on implementing the automation of the picking list process. I developed a general outline of the requirements and would just like some guidance on what would be the proper/most efficient way to achieve this and what doctypes should be focused on to get all the information needed. Something to note is that my warehouses are set up by item group and underneath each item group warehouse I have bin locations as warehouses. e.g drinks → bin 1, bin 2, bin 3.

The general idea I had in mind was to take the material request transfers that gets generated once the reorder level of a store has been met. separate all the items in that material transfer into separate groups based on their item group, and then create several picklists that contain the items for each group and then have them assigned to a specific employee. Once the employees have completed their picklist a central area where someone with authority would go to overlook and then approve each picklist would be needed.

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Hi @tech-newbie ,

I think you’re off to a great start! That’s a good process flow.

A few pieces of advice to get you started:

  • I would write almost all of this in Python, not JavaScript. This appears to be mostly backend, server logic.

  • Begin with your own custom App. Start creating separate files/modules for the Auto Reorder-Transfer, Pick List generator, and Stock Entries.

    • It can be very challenging to patch/edit existing code. Creating new, standalone Python modules is easier. Later, once everything is working, you can always take pieces of your code, and move them to other places.
  • At the beginning, try to call your code from the CLI with 'bench execute'. It’s easier to troubleshoot and log what is happening from the console. Later, once everything is working, you can add buttons to the UI or introduce automation?

  • I would treat this project as 3 mini-projects:

    1. The auto re-order/transfer. Here you’ll be working with Purchase Orders and Stock Entries.
    2. The Pick List generation. Here you’ll work with the Pick List document, plus stock demand (probably Sales Orders and Material Requests?)
    3. The third piece is anything that creates new Stock Entries.

This sounds like a very fun project!