Attendance Calculation

How make attendance based on total Salary?

Are you stating that you want the attendance to be as per salary or the salary of an employee should be based on the attendance? Ie. the attendance should be verified at the time of payroll?

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No we have a formula to calculate it. Ie (Total salary / As per the month days )*1.5(per day leave factor)
so should we use this formula in erpnext?


What is this formula used for?

If you mark attendance in ERPNext and generate payroll, salary will be calculated as per the attendance marked.


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in which formula base it is calculating?

You have to first assign a salary structure for a period (usually a month). Based on the attendance and leave without pay, the salary gets calculated. For example, if the monthly salary of an employee is 30,000 then salary per day is 30000/30 = 1000. If the employee has worked only for 27 days (based on his attendance), then the salary for that month will 27,000 (if the leaves taken were of type “Leave without pay”).

Also, why would you want to calculate attendance from salary? Because, usually, it is the other way round.

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Hi @Reema_Mehta

Unless I am missing something, ERPNext still does not have any link between Attendance and Payroll which is really absurd!

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@wale, you will have to create Leave Application having Leave Type = LWP, and then run the payroll. All the components that are based on the payment days will calculate the salary based on the number of working days only.

Hope this helps!

@michelle This is the point of his complaints. Of what use is attendance if the absent days are not automatically marked as LWP? when you deal with hundreds of workers, some of who miss work now and then it is cumbersome to have to manually generate LWP for every time they miss work without genuine reason, especially if this occurs at different times within the month.

It would be easier to automatically deduct absent days from payment days unless a leave is triggered.

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Thanks for your suggestion @michelle but I think @flexy2ky has properly explained the issue. It makes no sense to have to manually create LWPs for staff when you’ve got an attendance register! Even if you wanted to do it, it’s not feasible when you have a large number of employees


Hi, yes your are correct, there is no point in manually marking of leaves as LWP when you have hundreds of employees. But the system doesn’t take attendance, it takes only the leaves into consideration.

This is a feature that needs to be added.


Has anyone been able to achieve auto LWP based on absent days? This is now a badly needed feature.


This is a feature in making and will take some time to be part of the core system. @winter_wolf is working on it.


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@flexy2ky This feature is under testing and will be available after proper testing in upcoming versions.

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@Reema_Mehta This is awesome news!!! @winter_wolf Thanks for your effort. It is much appreciated and this will be an awesome addition to the HR Module.

Here is the link for Pull Request you can drop your suggestions here.


@winter_wolf This is awesome!!! i have a test production setup. How do i pull this into the test instance and do live trials before i can give comments?

Hi Reema Good Day is this function working on v12 it seems im having issue about this did i miss something here i already checked the attendance tool and its already been marked kindly check the screenshot for your reference. Thans in advance

this is you check “validate attendance”
you can uncheck or go to “Employee Attendance Tool” then mark attendance
hope, this will help you

Thanks for the help @santhida but the attendance tool was already been MARKED. thats why im confuse if i miss some confugurations or this is a Bug?.