Attendance Entry for the date mentioned in Holiday List

I followed the below steps:

Step 1: I have created a Holiday List named where I selected all Saturday and Sunday in Holiday.
Step 2: I assigned the Holiday List to an Employee name “X” using Employee Master.
Step 3: I did the attendance entry for employee “X” as Absent for Saturday (3/10/2015) whereas the date itself is a part of Holiday.

As per my understanding system should not allow me to do that. Is it a bug or I am doing it in a wrong way?

Ruchin Sharma

-I think this not a bug.
-Maybe there should be a check if whether an employee is allowed to work on a holiday or not.

Ok you assign holiday list,but in meanwhile some employees want to work on Saturday (having some extra work),but few of them was absent.and you want to mark as status absent. for that purpose this functionality was kept.

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

But, where is that check?

The attendance entry is neither tied to holiday list nor to salary processing. I think the team left it that way since the rules vary across companies very widely…

it is only linked to leave applications. You cannot mark attendance if the employee had an approved leave for that day