Attendance improvement in HR module

Hi all,

I have been using the attendance module and upload tool.
That said I didn’t find it very practical and I am wondering if any other people are using it and how they find it in term of practicality.
Here is a few change I would recommend.

  1. If attendance has not been taken for a certain person on certain day, do not default it to Absent into the Monthly Attndance Report. Rather leave it blank.
  2. For the upload tool. On the download template, we should be able to choose for which employee one want to download the template. A supervisor will upload the attendance list for his section/branch/departement, not the whole company. The choice should be made either for a whole branch, dpt. etc. or just a given number of people (opportunity to tick in a little box)
  3. For attendance summary, need to keep into consideration national holidays (as defined in the company calendar) and weekend. No need for attendance to default to Absent or anything there.
  4. Opportunity to add label for type of attendance (at the moment it is prescribed as present, absent, half-day … a Company should be add new label such as: late, sick, on leave, etc. And then yes, for the summary of attendance, do we want to count these labels as absent, do we want to keep them separate?
  5. for the csv file to upload, change its format… set it more like table where name are rows, day of the month are columns. So this give the chance for instance to easily upload a month at time. At the moment, if I have 40 people in the company and I have to upload the whole month of record it will download a file of 1200 rows which is not very practical to fill. Not sure if it is very feasible tough.

I am not sure how hard it would be to implement these improvement, but if there are any other parties interested in these attendance improvement, let’s chip in together and push development on this as at the moment it is impractical for us to use it.


@Francois_Ifitwala post it in a github issue and add a bounty (whatever you think its worth to you) via boutysource

@rmehta, @anand … you guys are superstar!!! I love that little change on the HR module.
Well done … it is very practical. It will make our life much much easier…
It should definitely be part of your monthly report on your blog!


@Francois_Ifitwala, thanks for your feedback

CC @neilLasrado, @vjFaLk


@neilLasrado, yes it would a great tool for attendance in the school app (if it is not there already!)

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@Francois_Ifitwala we have a similar design in schools as well. In fact this design was inspired by the schools attendance design.


I thought so. This might be one of the first true integration of 2 frappe based apps :wink:
Anyway thanks for this very practical tool.

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