Attention on tax!


today I played around a bit with ERPNext and invoicing.
I came across one bit mistake…maybe someone else mentioned already…

If I have net total with about 31.00 € the tax would be around 5 € which is correct. If I take now the discount with 14 € the invoice amount if reduced to 17.00 € but the tax is still at 5 € which is not correct as it has to be around 3 €.

For our local law this would be critical…is there a way to fix this?


Can you replicate the record in and give us the invoice no, then we can check into it very easily. I can’t replicate it in my local machine.


sorry for my unclear words.

Unfortunately it is still the same…even in the demo:

If I reduce the 100 USD by 50 USD the tax of 20% must be the half…but it stays at 16,67 USD.



Actually tax amount after discount field is hidden, it is calculated properly. We will make it visible if Discount Amount is applied.

If you submit the invoice and then check General Ledger report, you will understand that tax account is credited by the correct amount.

@nabinhait, thank you for your clarification. I tried that and it works…BUT the really big thing about it is that it is not calculated correctly for the invoice we print out.

Is there a chance to print change the discount field to be deducted from the “Net Total” and not from the Gross Total?

If you change print hide property of any field from Customize Form, it will toggle visibility of the field.

In this case, you can hide amount field and print base_amount for Item table for tax table, you should print tax_after_discount column from Customize Form.

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