AttributeError: 'ERPNextAddress' object has no attribute 'is_your_company_address'

Hi, when Im creating an address for the company/customer/supplier I keep getting this error. I saw on the documentation that there is a check box under the reference title, but i dont have that check box

I also am experiencing this same issue. I also get the error pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1054, “Unknown column ‘c.is_billing_contact’ in ‘field list’”) when trying to generate a sales invoice from timesheets which am wondering if it is related to the customer address error.

I believe this solve the problem, i was keep getting this error whenever i try to make a site.

Did not work for me. When trying to restart the redis service, it errored out & required actually having to reboot the OS. Looks to me like it is missing some programming logic.

I am having the same issue. Did you manage.

Unfortunately no. I have went as far as uninstalling / re-installing 3 times…both ERPnext & Ubuntu (running this in a VM) after which I sitll do not show the necessary checkbox that possibly removes the error. My version is 14.27.1 running under Ubuntu 22.04.2. Others with a previou version of ERPnext in this conversation are not experiencing this. As a result, I am stuck with getting to use this which is a bummer.

Update on this issue. I updated ERPNext from my installed 14.27.1 version to the recently released 14.27.3 version & by doing so, the “is company address” checkbox has appeared & the attribute error has gone away. thank you developers…