AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'default_sender' (Getting error Message)

Hi! when i try to create a new student am facing this error kind help.

can you share more details or screenshots ? for the browser and the log.

ok, I guess you deleted something from the doctype or the core code . did you ?

no sir

i was working on education module i want to create students but this error keep apearing

can you show the log ? tracking the log will leads you to the python file that cause this error

where i can find the log ?

are you using localhost ? if yes , the log is the lines that appears when you do bench start

these are the logs I gets them after running bench start and they keeps moving . just tell how you installed it ? docker , normal installation , is it on server ?

i normally install it and i am on local host

ok do bench start , do you get all those lines poping up ?

yes bench start just like normal
now the aerror is gone but it wont save

just open the log . everything will be written there

okay sir

Hi, have you found the solution?

you may be made change in the education setting . I had had this error after i checked validate on student self enrolling group