AttributeError: 'SystemSettings' object has no attribute 'link_field_results_limit'

This error I am facing while saving the System Settings Form. Why this error coming and how to resolve?

Hi @pm23,

I think, the “Link Field Results Limit” field missing in the System Settings doctype.
Which version do you use? I know, you are using version 15 but which version 15?

And Now the error is not coming in the latest version.

Thank You!

erpnext 15.11.0
frappe 15.12.0

You can fix this by updating to 15.13.0 fix: Set default for search result limit if empty by ankush · Pull Request #24713 · frappe/frappe · GitHub or setting some value in that field before saving system settings.

There’s a problem with new field addition in single doctypes, we are working on a long-term fix for it: Set defaults when migrating single doctypes · Issue #24714 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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@ankush Ok.
Thank You