Audio and image upload on smartphone


Thank you for the amazing work in having a successful open-source project out of India. It is highly motivating to see your success.

We are evaluating the use of Frappe / ERPNext for managing a large data science project with 100s of people and peta flops of compute over 3 years. One place where we are lacking clarity is support for rich media uploads and previews.

For instance, we have the following use-case:
One of the fields of a doctype contains a URL to an audio file and another field is text. A web form must allow a user to play the audio file linked in the URL field and then insert text into the other field with a textbox. Q1: Is there a ready way to implement this audio preview feature?

The converse is also a concern: Doctype contains URL and text fields. The web form shows the pre-entered text field to the user and then the user records an audio which gets uploaded to a cloud store with the URL stored into the other field. Q2: Does this feature of audio upload work currently?

Q3: If the answer to the above are yes, would these features also work on a smartphone through Chrome/webkit-based browsers?