Audit/Review Functionality | Split View Modal Screen

Usecase: A user uploads a scanned Vendor Invoice and enters the data in the Purchase Invoice. Another user has to audit if the data has been entered correctly and approves or rejects the entry.

So we were thinking of creating an Audit doctype module that will allow a user to cycle through several doctype instances and compare the PDF print output of the doctype to a scanned image of the source document in a split screen view. If they visually match, the user will click Approve else Reject.

We are trying to design it to be generic so that any doctype can be auditable.


  1. Do other community members think this is useful?
  2. Is there anyway to create a modal screen. Are modal screens advisable in ERPNext?

Any other comments and or suggestions are welcome.

Could we not achieve this using workflow approval?
I believe the v11 upgrade will make the workflow even better. How would you differentiate your use case with workflow approval use on any DocType?


Primarily the split screen view of the scanned source document and the print view side by side to make it easy to verify the correctness of the entered information.

I see…I feel you trying to do something similar to ‘entry less’ or ‘’ which then connects to QBO for syncing data.