Audit Trail in ERPNext and report

Whether we can generate any audit trail report in ERPNext to show the summary of all modifications made in accounts?

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ERPNext maintains a trail of the changes made to each document.

Most Important documents - like Stock Transactions and Accounting Transactions have to be Submitted for the entry to be valid and for the values to get posted to the Accounting/Stock ledger.

Plus you can use Roles based access to restrict people from Cancelling or Deleting a Submitted Document. So, if you are looking at this from an audit trail perspective, ERPNext solves this problem for most users. Privileged users, system administrators and database administrators can change/delete transactions but there are records and audit trails that are posed on the server (though it could be a little hard to correlate that with specific transactions) and the only way to ensure that these records are available for review is if you follow the principle of segregation of duties where one person is not a system administrator on your instance, does not have access to the database and does not have access to the backend server.

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Is there a way to extract the report of the changes made on the system?

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I want to know if i can extract any report in excel which shows what changes have been made to entries. What are the journal entries which have been modified or values have been modified.

You can get Audit Trail by going to end of the form entry like below

to get it in report format you can view like below

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