Audit Trail - Missing conversation

There was a thread sometime ago about implementing Audit Trail in ERPNext. Experts were discussing the architecture of implementing an audit trail that will track changes to all fields of a doctype (submittable & non-submittable both). I’m not able to find the thread in the forum - I have tried searching with 'Audit Trail", “Doc changes”, “Audit”, “Trail” etc, but couldnt find it.

Anybody who was following the thread or the experts who were part of the thread - could you please forward the link for the same? I understand this is a silly request, but I have searched for long. Appreciate the help.

I can recall the part of Odoo vs ERPNext discussion. Not sure if that’s what you searched for.

Thanks @strixaluco This is not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the conversation that had details on how the audit trail can be designed…

Sorry. I assume you saw this thread: Document status tracking
Have you searched in repos at Github?

@strixaluco Thanks. This is the thread I was looking for…Thanks a lot.
I couldnt find any thing relevant in github. Maybe I’m not using correct keywords…/
It would be great to have ‘Track Changes’ option…

If Frappe team is willing to merge this functionality, then you can post the job to have some idea about the price and then start campaign at Bountysource. Just try to promote campaign aggressively in order to succeed.

Audit trail is coming in Frappe 7.3