Auth with token not cookies?

how to make frappe login with username and password give back a token not cookies …
then you use this token to access data … if you use get_current user method in frappe it will tell what user … also the scope of access is what you see when you are using tokens


Have you tried Frappe’s OAuth implementation?

yes but when i want to use , it doesn’t cover the case
GET http://frappe.local:8000/api/method/frappe.auth.get_logged_user

How did you solve this?

@Khadija check this

What procedure you followed for logout?

guys, can any one help me with that . i can`t find the specific file i have to override

So there’s a way to open permissions to access token-based auth?

you can write an api code to regenerate it again if this is the case

Anyone have got success in this area?