Auth2 server to server

i make auth2 setting and test it on postman and it works fine , we have a old system need to integrate it with frappe so the data would be the same in both servers . could i use auth2 app to make this happen, if there is a tutorial or any reference that helps , does frappe support server to server connection throw auth2 ?

Yes it does! We’re facing a similar dilemma currently. We’ll have the necessary support OFTB soon! You can check out OAuth within Frappe. Refer the docs.

There’s also frappeclient within frappe. I wouldn’t recommend this because of its poor authentication workflow (One can easily MITM with this). Nonetheless, you can use that for seamless server to server communication.

@achillesrasquinha that’s great i was trying to do it form django to erpnext but didn’t works … would you list the steps for example … that will help me a lot and any one looking for this … thank you

Here’s frappe-client! Check out the docs.