Authorization Rules


Can you please elaborate on Authorization Rules.
Also how different it is from Workflow?



Sorry as no help page is available for now on Authorization Rule. We shall add one soon.

Authorization Tool allows you to authorize transactions based on its Grand Total/Discount.

For example, following authorization rule allow Purchase User to submit Purchase Order, only if its Grand Total is less than 5000. If Grand Total is more than 5000, then only Purchase Manager will be able to approve it. It means Submit permission for Purchase User will be applicable only for Purchase Order of Grand Total upto 5000.

In Authorization Rule, with applicable/approving role, you can also define specific user as approving/applicable User. This will allow you to set multiple authorization rule to define multiple approver based Grand Total.


Purchase Order - Grand Total > 5000 > User 1 (Purchase Manager) can approve
Purchase Order - Grand Total > 10000 > User 2 (another Purchase Manager) can approve
Purchase Order - Grand Total > 50000 > User 3 (Accounts Manager) can approve

Hope this helps.

Thanks Umair for the detailed reply.

I have created a workflow for quotation, in which the quotation is prepared (saved) by the sales user, but before he can submit, it is being reviewed by technical Director.

So in this case, in stead of this workflow, I can create an authorization rule for quotation applicable for role sales uesr and approving role as Technical Director.

So in this case, the sales user can save the quotation and the technical director can review it and submit it.

Is this understanding correct?



If you want Sales User to not submit Quotation at all, then you should remove Submit permission for Sales User on Quotation. Setting Authorization Rule is not required in this case.

Authorization Rule is primarily meant for conditional restriction. If Sales User was allowed to Submit Quotation below certain value, but restricted on higher value, then Authorization Rule would have managed it.

Got it…Thanks a lot


Hello Umair ,

                                Is there any feature that grand total cost approval can be implemented in material request?  Material Request Approval workflow can be implemented based on grand total update field ?