Authorize changes after submission

There’s a scenario where admin can Authorize a user to change certain documents previewing the changes made. Post approval it will be reflected in the document. I have no idea about changing document after submission.

You can change a document on submission by checking the “Allow on Submit” property in the customize form of the doctype. You can check this article to know more about the same: Not Found

Hope this helps.

Thanks, that’s perfect I know that but that can be changed by anyone and anytime having same role but what if I don’t wanna allow changes without my Authorization.

Hi @michelle what option/s can we do if multiple invoices need to change the accounts? Currently, the accountant setup a wrong expense account on an item and also on the account payable. But this was on a different document, so first document has a wrong expense account while the second has a wrong accounts payable.

What we tried to do is put a checkmark on the allow field after submit which we can already correct the value of the wrong fields. However, the general ledger does not update the changes made in the fields.

Since fields were already update, now what ways can we do to update the standard reports just like the general ledger?

I hope you can help me or someone can. We are hoping not on cancelling and amending the documents since it has 1000k+ wrong encoded documents already. And it will take time to reencode it. :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Hi I encountered that if you enabled the “Allow on Submit” on a link fields, it can change the value/data on the document only but on all reports, the data will not be revised.

For example: We submit a Purchase Invoice with a wrong link value for projects. Since “Allow on Submit” is enabled, we can change the value of Project from project 1 to project 2. However, all reports tagged on the Purchase Invoice was not update. 1 example is the Profitability Analysis.

What can we do to update all the reports after editing the details on a submitted document?