Authorized Approver or Approvers of a PO to get email alert


I have created an authorization rule based on grand total of a PO and also set the Approver or approvers of who can approve above the amount specified for the PO.

Now, If the user saves and tries to submit PO, how can the authorization approver be notified by email, or better say what would the email alert or condition consist of??

I cant seem to find any ways of doing this or to notify the authorized approver that there is a PO waiting for approval??

Can someone please help as this is extremely important for our setup…

thank you


You can use the email alert feature for this.

Please refer to the link below for further info.

You can create an email alert for Purchase Order when it is saved and choose to send the mail to the approver.

Hope it helps

Hi rasika25021
I don’t think you understand what the request or what my topic is about.
What is the point to manually send an email alert?? It completely defies the need for the so called alerts if you send them manually.
Alerts should be automated once setup.
Also this is not for creating events or tasks as per your link, but a PO - purchase order with authorisation by an approver or manager.
As per my topic I am requesting that when a PO is raised by the user of member of staff the approver or manager gets an email saying that there is a PO waiting for their approval. This should be picked up automatically by the system who the approver is based on the authorisation amount or what was specified on the authorisation rules.
This is similar to the expenses or leave application, which are easy to create.
The PO does not have any fields which automatically pick up the authoriser on the form or to create the email rule based on the doc fields.
Can someone please help with this as this is crucial that it works for us.
Many thanks



Can you please help me with this topic, it is the most crucial part of our guidelines and procedures Financially and it is the only thing that is holding us back from fully using this module. Other than that this is an amazing system, but if this doesn’t work then it is completely pointless to have authorization rules if you cannot autimatically assign or alert the approving manager. Is there any way of doing this automatically or even with a custom field, if so what doctype to use?

Please let me know, your help would be very much appreciated.


Hi @kolate_sambhaji @anand

I am sorry to drag your attention to this topic as i know you are busy with other topics, but i was wondering if you could help or if there is a script to achieve the above.

The problem we have is the below

We have setup authorized price approvals for purchase order transactions.

for example; needs approval from manager if the total price of the PO is greater than a specified amount on the form.

So when creates a PO for an amount of price greater than they are allowed to , IF they click the Submit Button, they get a prompt / message on the screen saying that they have exceeded their limit and only can approve their transaction or PO. All good to this point, and they see the user can see the prompt and that only their manager can approve this transaction…

Now, if i am the manager, how would i know that just created a PO that needs my approval?? Unless they manually send the approver or manager an email or message, then the manager would not know about it… this can make the whole process complicated and we would have to rely on the users or employees to notify a manager for a specific transaction that needs approval…

Is there a way that when the user click the submit button of a PO form and when they get the message saying that only can approve this transaction, the gets an email alert or some sort of message ?? If so, how to create this?

It would be extremely helpful for our managers and so they dont have to rely on the employees to notify them that a PO is waiting for their approval, as things can get lost, forgotten about when busy, etc etc…

I would appreciate your help or any pointers on how to make the above function to be a little more dummy proof…

many thanks in advance

@ermalc for workflow, please refer ERPNext - Workflow - YouTube

For Price Based Approval, please see

hi @kolate_sambhaji

I have already created purchase authorization rules successfully, these work fine.

I have already created Workflows - these work fine for allowing or disallowing users to do things with or without approval.

But, at none of these points or anywhere on the system is there a feature to specify or select an option to say that notify by email the approver or manager. there is no such feature, unless i am missing something here, but there isn’t…, and this is what i am after - a way to notify the manager when user1 saves or drafts a PO which needs their approval the manager should be automatically notified…

is there an option or feature here as i can’t see or find that anywhere or to be able to create such thing…


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@ermalc For Notification to manager, you can use Email Alert.
So once PO workflow_state change to send_for _approval, you can send email alert to all your purchase manager.

thank you @kolate_sambhaji


I have never used workflows so this baffles me. Can anyone explain exactly how to set this up (perhaps a few screen prints?)

Rather than use roles (we all do everything) can it be done on a per person basis.

So John can only send purchase orders <ÂŁ100. Over ÂŁ100 he needs approval from Jane?


Check this link, this should be useful for you I suppose.