Auto Account Deletion

I am trying Frappe software, e.g. Frappe Cloud.
I’ve got to the site settings.
In the section Integrations I read: Auto Account Deletion
Who is going to help me (and anyone else) use this setting?
(I don’t know whether our site is set to delete user accounts in 72 hours automatically.)
I have found related instructions neither in the Frappe knowledge base, nor in this category.

Who would like to talk about making it easier for any human being to start using the most useful software?
I am incurring again the costs of e.g. these activities:

  • browse the offer
  • browse the interface of each computer program offered
  • browse the settings
  • change the values of some parameters
  • try to find a way to achieve something
  • look for a relationship manager
  • ask for instructions because some people should do a better job at helping others to use their services
  • wait for some program module to react
  • read error messages

It is in general too costly to choose software.