Auto Attendance marks Absent even when set to Zero

I have auto attendance, shift setup to sync with the biometric which is working fine. Although I am facing one key issue. Even though I have set the Working hours below which Absent is marked field to zero it still marks Absent for those employees who do not have an entry in Employee Check-In.

Any idea on how to prevent Absent from being automatically marked for auto-attendance for those employees who do not have check-in entries? I am on v13.

The real world case is that those employees at times take work from home and would not have a entry on physical check-in device, so we dont want to mark them as absent.

Such employees should raise an attendance request which the HR can verify and then raise an attendance record against.

Thanks Kenneth, I think I have not explained the problem correctly. You are right that the employee should raise attendance request.

The issue/bug I have is that auto attendance is marking them as Absent automatically even thought the threshold has been kept as zero to not mark absent. I do not wish Absent to be marked automatically.