Auto attendance not starting on employee checkin

now i configured the Shift type, added it as default shift for an employee
i don’t have a fingerprint device so using the Employee Checkin to create check in and out every day.
also configured the shift type to enable auto attendance.
now i searched for the Process Attendance After & Last Sync of Checkin at Shift type but still confused and can’t understand them well
so what i think is instead of using fingerprint device, each employee must create his Checkin every day and Attendance will be created automatically based on this Checkin.

Is this right or i’m getting it wrong

Hi, Process Attendance After: 19th of Dec. So it is logically from today (20th). Today’s attendance will be marked by midnight (>24).

would you please explain how the auto attendance process is done
As I created shift as picture above and employee every day I create a check in and out
But still no attendance is created unless I did it manually every day

you need to update the field of Last Sync Of Checkin. till that time stamp system will process the attendance automatically.

if you dont have biomatric integration, through script, then you have to execute it manually. otherwise that script automatically update this field.

Sorry still can’t understand
I don’t have biometric integration, what script exactly.
Is that script a must to have auto attendance created from each Emp Checkin.
Now suppose the image above,what should be the Last Sync Of Checkin cause this field is really confusing to me
Could you please help me with detailed instructions to get the Auto Attendance work on Emp Checkin.

  1. The Field in the picture Right Bottom Corner, determins the sync date and time the checkin’s are updated. everyday you can set it to previous day midnight or you can keep doing manual process.

  2. The script is fetching Data from biomatric and uploading to ERPNExt along with that updating this sync field. in your case it’s not required.

hope this will answer your query.

Sorry but still not getting it
Here is my exact case
•No biometric so no need for script, right!
•Each employee will checkin every day In and Out
•Each Emp has his default Shift set from Employee / Attendance and Leave details / Default Shift
•Shift Type is set as the Pic above
Problem is still no attendance is created
So kindly Is there’s any other configuration need to be done and does Shift Type is correctly configured
Also Do I have to set the Sync field cause I can’t understand it’s usage, if I have to set it
Do I set it daily and with which date assuming I’ll configure the Auto Attendance to start from today Dec 20
Thank you so much

yes you have to update it daily. the logic behind this field is, it determins till what date and time your system is updated with check-in and check out.

let’s take an example. today is 21st and all your employee did check in and out till yesterday. you’ll update this field with 20th dec with time till midnight.

system will execute the attendance procedure and will mark attendance till 20th date only starting from the above field “process Attendance after”.

hope this clears the logic.