Auto Attendance not working with Attendance Machine

I am having a strange issue with the Auto Attendance.

I have followed the guide to add machines and employee checkin is coming as expected.

What I am not able to understand is, if an employee has marked attendance at 9AM and the machine has synced the data at 9:10 or any minute later than the attendance marked time, when will the attendance show in auto attendance. At the moment it is not showing properly. Ill explin with a screenshot

For this testing purpose, I have marked the shift as evening and time in is 16:00
Attendance is marked at 16:27.
It received the check-in but the auto attendance shows as follows:

Following is the shift Type.

does the auto attendance mark the attendance after 24 hours? I am confused, please help

Hi, Auto Attendance schedule runs every hour and it takes the all the check-ins in account based on the “Last Sync of Checkin” date and time.

Normally, it will wait for the Both In and Out checkin and it will mark the attendance automatically.

You can also click on button “Mark Attendance” to run the process manually.

by “Mark Attendance” you mean to mark it in the Shift type.
well, do, but that doesn’t come.
What I have understand is that if there is a complete attendance i.e Check In and Check Out only than it will make auto attendance… is that true?

And is there a way to auto OUT, meaning that if someone has left without a checkout, can it mark it auto out?

Yes, you can still mark the presence with Single punch either Check in or Check out.

In that case system will not calculate total working hours.

I have set up a test machine and I create a shift and mark attendence. I manually/force sync the zkt syncing and it does show in the checkin.
What I cannot do is, when I “Mark Attendance” in the shift type, it doesnt mark the attendance.

What am I missing. Can you please help ? Please

Have you done the Shift assignment to Employees?

To handle this issue a field called “Last Sync of Checkin” was introduced. Please read this discussion to know more about why this field exists.

To understand this, It would help to know when an attendance is marked for the day.

The attendance for the day is marked only when the “Last Sync of Checkin” timestamp is greater than the shift end time (including the “Allow check-out after shift end time”). As per your screenshot, that would be 21:00 of that day.

@mangroliya, looks like he has done this (based on his screenshot).

Yes I have done the shift assignment

Meaning that if my shift ends at 6 of clock and my last “Last Sync of Checkin” is at 4pm, attendance will not be marked.
For it to be automatically done, I will have to wait and when the device syncs and it marks “Last Sync of Checkin” the attendance will be marked automatically.

If I have to mark it, I will have to clear the field “Last Sync of Checkin” and than mark attendance.
Right ?

@kanuns, please read up on why “Last Sync of Checkin” exists in the linked discussion. It would help you understand why it is not possible to mark attendance without having a value for the “Last Sync of Checkin” field.

To make it clear, in the current implementation of auto attendance, it is not possible to mark attendance without having a value for the “Last Sync of Checkin” field and without the “Last Sync of Checkin” timestamp crossing the particular day’s shift end time.

By the way, what is your use case for marking attendance even before the shift ends?

Got it, I understand now.

We want to know how many housekeeping people are in. So that we can arrange accordingly.
I think for that we can use filters in the Employee Checkin and see who has not checked in, right ?