Auto Basic Rate Value for each Product on Stock Registry

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I’m implementing ERPnext to manage only, in a first stage, the warehouse, moving items between location, and checking the balances (quantity and value) of the stock in each warehouse.

So every time that I need to create a Stock Registry i need to specify the value of each item on “Basic Rate (as per Stock UOM)”. Since I’ve already created Price Lists and have assigned a price to each product, I’d like to ask you guys if there is any way to automatically obtain this “Basic Rate” value for each individual product that I need to insert on the Sock Registry.

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Price List is for sales and purchase cycle, not related to stock movements. In Stock Entry basic rate is fetched based on valuation rate which is calculated based on specific valuation method (FIFO/Moving average). But if you are transacting the item in a specific warehouse for the first time, then you need to specify the basic rate.
The recommended way is adding opening stock once via Stock Reconciliation.

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Thank You Nabin! Really appreciate!

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