Auto calculation of 2 tax with holding categories in a single purchase invoice

It would be beneficial if I could automatically calculate TDS tax for two tax holding categories in a single purchase invoice.
for eg. I wants to calculate 194C & 194H in single purchase invoice entry.

Hi @SwatiP ,

Currently it’s not possible in erpnext and could you please tell me what is the purpose of that ?

Thank You !

Hello Sir,

How do you handle accounting entries when there are deductions for two different TDS categories in a single purchase invoice?

Hi @Swati_Parab ,

I am not getting this type of case yet but it is a new feature request. A feature request is already created. You can also raise a ticket for nee feature request on github.

currently this is not available in ERPNext. In india maximum company follow TDS calculation invoice wise instead item wise. IF have any specific case then please let me know. then i can suggest