Auto Creating image files in public folder

I have a profile photo field of type Attach Image. I uploaded and set as private. whenever am doing data import other fields, a same profile photo file is created in public folder automatically. How to avoid this? Now am manually deleting in file manager.

Is this bug? or Any wrong configurations

what do you mean by data import other fields ?

@bahaou Uploading bulk data using Data import tool. Sometimes auto creating images in public folder when am inserting records in the form.

I entered attachments in the Attached To field incorrectly when I imported the File DocType Data.

Attached To Name Is Attachments Folder File Name Is Private Is Home Folder File URL Attached To Field
c3b14a4318 0 htnak.jpg 1 /private/files/htnak.jpg Home/Attachments attachments

For Example consider a different document type with a field profile_pic. To verify. I put /private/files/htnak1d885d.jpg in the profile_pic field. This is where the issue arises. The new image is generated automatically whenever you make any changes to the record. Three pictures will be added if you save three times.

solution is change Attached To Field value to profile_pic. Also during bulk file import a random suffix value is added to the file. In my case my file name is htnak1d885d.jpg