Auto Discount getting applied on Sales Invoice

Version:- ERPNext: v14.16.1 (HEAD) | Frappe Framework: v14.25.4 (HEAD)

One of our client facing one glitch. We have released standard system to them. no customisation at all.
Problem regarding- Discount

User is creating Sales Invoice with X item and again they want to create a multiple invoices using same X item with same or different rate.
but while creating second invoice automatically discount gets applied which is showing in item child table (Discount & Margin section).

Client don’t want discount to be apply automatically until an unless they enter it manually.
every time i want to delete “Item Price”. For X item they can have same rate or different,but don’t want auto discount to be apply.

If we disable the price list then it is asking Price List is mandatory during sales invoice creation (V14)

May i know what is the problem? how we can stop?

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@nabinhait can any one reply from your team?

Is it replicating on your local test site?

There is no local setup or local test site for client. we have setup the one instance on FC which is production/live and released to client.(Because no single customisation exist on live setup) you can check this ticket number:- 0362992 . we have mentioned the site name also.
It will be helpful for us ,if we get quick reply.

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Hi, @nabinhait let me know whether this is framework issue or any setting i have to do for this? Client is waiting. Or shall we restricting on creation of Item Price via Role permission.