Auto email Notification

I want to send auto email to employees which shows the list of DSR saved in draft previously from current date. The DSR list of a specific employee should go to that person only. Currently its sending every employees draft DSR report.Also its giving me submitted DSR.How do it do this?? What changes need to be done?? Please help I am new to ERPNext.

Hi Ashutosh_Halape,

I am facing same issue of auto email ,with the sales order submitting .
did you get any solution regarding the same if yes then please help me.


@satish_malkar didn’t get the solution yet. I am trying to figure out.

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ok you get any solution please let me help


Yes sure

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Hey @Ashutosh_Halape i think you need to set up sender email first.
You can set the email on Email Account.

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@antzforwork how this can be done for multple users ?? I also want the list of reports in draft.

at Recipients section, there’s a table. You can add the reciever email by role or by field.
Email Account is just for sender :wink:

@antzforwork Thank you. How do I get the list of records where doc status == Draft ??

on Condition it depends on your fieldname.
just follow the condition example on right.