Auto Email Report - Unable to send Sales Register Report for multiple Owners

Ok… (ERPNext v10 Production)

I have 3 sales managers each leading a team of 5 mobile sales users.

I need to automatically send each sales manager a “Sales Register” report for each of their 5 sales users every night.

When I create the first Auto Email Report and save it with the Sales Register report as the designated report and the first Sales User of the first Sales Manager as the “Owner” and the first Sales Manager as the intended recipient. All of this saved just fine.

As soon as I attempted to setup the same report for the second Sales User of the first Sales Manager I get this following message:

Does this mean that I can only send ONE version of the Sales Register report out?

This makes no sense. I must be missing something.

Please tell me how I can send the same report out with different data. Essentially I need to send the 15 copies of the Sales Register report out (5 to each Sales Manager) every night so the Sales Managers can evaluate daily performance and make sales guidance calls when needed.

The book keeper also needs to be CC on these reports so she can calculate the sales users daily commissions from the actual sales.

How can I get this to work? What am I missing?

The Sales Register report only allows ONE owner or ALL owners. It cannot be 5 different owners all on one report. So there must be a way to send the same report with different report filter values each time. Am I right?!?


Just create Sales Register - owner 1, Sales Register - owner 2, etc… and send that each night. It’s not letting you because it’s the same report name. Just do “save as” on the report and choose your filters to scope accordingly and then save. Then create your auto email.

Ok… when I tried that, the Auto Email Report blanks out the Report Name as soon as I try to append anything to the end of the name. Without the report name, there is no way to send the report.

I must be missing something still.


Oh… someone a little more intuitive than myself just read your reply and pointed out that you were probably referring to making several copies of the actual report in the report module and then using those as the new names.

If that is true then I might be able to do this.

Sometimes I just miss what mat be obvious to most. I overthink this stuff. :confounded:


hah… no worries. Yes, just create one report for each manager with a different name and have that send to them.

I think you should try making a list of the email IDs seperated by a new line like this

This should work. No need to duplicate reports unnecessarily.

Also, select a Sales Manager in the field Based on Permissions for User and select max possible no of rows.