Auto Email Reports Timings

As per current format, all reports are mailed at 12.01AM daily, weekly or monthly.
How can we make auto email that have selectable time option as well?
Can anyone please guide me??

You need to write custom method for sending email and set cron for that method. Refer following link -

I created custom function in auto email report which will fetch timing from report and also in i added entry of that in all event but still it didn’t trigger mail??

You can add crontab to do the thing.
I hope this will help you. - The cron schedule expression editor*

Thanks but i am fetching time details from report and comparing it with current time so when that matches report should get mailed accordingly so i don’t know whether code is correct or not also not sure scheduler works ???

I implemented auto email report on specific time but it only send one report only when I select multiple reports in that case only one report sent. Others are not’s my function named send_specific_time.

Seems like issue in the IF condition, please check your logic

if report_time == current_time

Check the values of both variables, you will get your answer

can we run this schedular event for cloud hosted erpnext??

thanks for your code for specific time()