Auto fetch Bank Account on transactions

Dear ERPNext Community,

As an active member and an expert in Frappe/ERPNext, I often encounter recurring challenges that hinder the seamless operation of our ERP systems. Today, I want to address a common concern revolving around the management of bank accounts within ERPNext, particularly in relation to payment entries and journal entries.

The Problem:

Currently, when making payment entries or journal entries in ERPNext, users are required to manually select the bank account associated with the transaction. This manual process not only adds unnecessary steps but also increases the likelihood of errors, especially in scenarios where multiple bank accounts are involved.

Furthermore, for bank reconciliations to be accurately conducted, it’s imperative that the bank account field is correctly set in each transaction. However, the current setup does not facilitate automatic linkage between bank accounts and the corresponding accounts in the Chart of Accounts.

Proposed Solution:

To address this issue and streamline the process of handling bank accounts in ERPNext, I propose implementing a script that automatically selects the linked bank account based on the account chosen in the transaction. Here’s how it would work:

  1. Automatic Bank Account Selection for Payment Entries:
  • When creating a payment entry and selecting a mode of payment along with the account linked to that company, the system should automatically search for a bank account linked to the selected account in the Chart of Accounts. If a linked bank account marked as “Is Company Account” exists, it should be automatically set in the payment entry.
  1. Automatic Bank Account Selection for Journal Entries:
  • Similarly, when creating a journal entry and selecting an account of type bank, the system should automatically set the corresponding bank account linked to that account in the Chart of Accounts.

Taking Action:

I am committed to addressing this issue by creating a feature request and pushing for its implementation in the main ERPNext repository. By collaborating with the community and the core developers, we can enhance the functionality of ERPNext and make it even more efficient for users worldwide.


Proper accounting practices are indeed the backbone of any company, and by eliminating manual processes and introducing automation in bank account handling, we can empower businesses to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

I invite your thoughts, feedback, and support on this matter. Together, let’s work towards a more seamless and intuitive ERPNext experience for all users.

Best regards
Lewin Villar

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