Auto Item Reorder to a set quantity

Hi there,

I am trying to achieve something, I need to have a set level of stock in my warehouse, whenever in event of any transaction done, it needs to generate material request for the difference qty with the stock available in warehouse or in case_lot near the set stock level.

For example I have Item A which comes in 100 pcs / box configuration, I need to maintain minimum 900 pcs of this product in my warehouse, if the stock gets deducted by 400 pcs by an order/delivery note, I need to auto generate material request for 900-400="500"Pcs.

This is not happening with the current setup, if another order came and stock get deducted more, it will only create material request for the specified qty in reorder qty rather than the minimum stock qty.

I also have tried to set safety stock as 900 pcs but it won’t help it either.

Anyone have a solution to cater my problem ?