Auto Load Items inside the grid

Hi All,
I have done the auto suggest for the fields when selecting the Item code the details for that item will be auto suggested. But inside the grid it is not working. with that same command. For Eg; In BOM Item Grid I have added a field of Spec and Category and making that grid as Read only.
Used code in option:
Spec = item_code.spec
Category = item_code.category.
When using this outside the grid its automatically loaded. Can any one help me on this.

@Dhamu share your code

Hi @rmehta in the previous Verison of ERPNext: v5.0.27, Frappe Framework: v5.0.28 This auto load is not working. But in the Current Version after I update to ERPNext: v6.18.4 Frappe Framework: v6.19.3 Its working.

So the problem is solved by updating erpnext and frappe?

Yes @ccfiel Thank you