Auto Material Request feature queries


I am using ERPNext: v11.1.39 (master) & Frappe Framework: v11.1.36 (master)

I am testing the Auto creation of Material Request feature.

I have created an item called “Test”, and have setup the Auto Reorder as mentioned in the below image.

Also in the Stock settings have enabled the requirements for this to work as shown below.

The item “Test” had a stock of 10 quantities.

Then I created a Delivery Note for the same items with the quantity 6. After this the stock for the item got reduced to 4 quantities.

But the system has not generated the material request when the item reached below the reorder level.

So, Is there any other setting which I am missing??

Also, how much time will the system require to generate an Auto Material Request.

Please help.

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The system checks for stock level once at midnight and will create a Material Request if the Stock Level is lower than Re-Order Level.
If you want to manually trigger the re-order function you can use the following command
provided in the post

Auto material request is triggered via schedular, so you will see it generated around 12 AM/midnight.

Thank you so much Manan & Kenneth for the clarification. Hope this works well.

Also I would like to know what would be the status of the generated material request among these(Draft, Submitted, Pending)?

Hi @kennethsequeira

Trust you’re doing well. Is there any way to make the Material Request come in as Draft or first stage of Workflow Action? Many times, amendments need to be made before the document is submitted



I have the same question regarding generating the Material Request as ‘Draft’ to enable stock planners to amend the suggested quantities based on the real scenario.

The Auto-Reorder Item functionality depends on the projected quantities which might subject to seasonal and sudden demands.

Should I comment the below line at [erpnext.stock.reorder_item.reorder_item]


Looking for your appreciated feedback.

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Magdy Ikladious

Auto material request will be triggered from Re-order and in the mid night 12AM… and also you can get a mail for that… if you want to check that in system, you can check it in notification → open documents → material request

Some of the re-ordering are done manually on another system, or that specific material will be ordered for some time, how can I dismiss the notification or stop sending alert e-mail?