Auto Material Requestion (transfer) Fail for item in multi locations

Having trouble with Material Request Transfers creating automatically for an item in multiple warehouses with-in a warehouse group. Receive the following email…

Dear System Manager, An error occured for certain Items while creating Material Requests based on Re-order level. Please rectify these issues: —

{“message”: “Same item cannot be entered multiple times.”, “indicator”: “red”}

Found the post from Nov 17, and made sure “Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction” in sales settings is set. But still receiving the above error. Any help would be appreciated

We are running ERPNext: v12.4.2 (version-12) Frappe Framework: v12.2.1 (version-12)


That is the only setting that needs to be done. Can you recheck if the checkbox is selected? Once that is done, refresh the page.

jsut verified that it is checked. One thing interesting, maybe, when saving the sales settings the indicator next to it is still “greyed out” this could be insignificant.

Once this setting has been changed, the changes will be applicable for all the documents created henceforth. Try creating a material request manually and check whether it is now allowing you to add multiple items?

Michelle - thank you. Will give that a try, didnt even think that way. Give a post after.

Not letting me create a material request. I have something up, not sure it matters but ive setup nothing but seller settings, ie no customer.

Not sure what the issue could be.

Michelle - Got annoyed and decided to update and took a little walk. Came back and wound the Buying settings werent flagged. 99% positive those were flagged.

everything seems to be working now. Thank you