Auto Notification to customer on opportunity captured

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We use Opportunity when we receive an inquiry from customers for certain products and services that they need from us. We would like to set up an automated email to customers to acknowledge receipt of an inquiry when we capture an opportunity by also confirming the items that we have captured in the opportunity in this email to them. How do I set up this auto notification them and what code can one use to do this? Please help.

I think you can set this up on the email account settings with a std reply email set here too

Could you kindly elaborate on how you can set this up. It’s on captured opportunities when you save it to be able to send auto email to the contact of the customer.

“Could you kindly elaborate on how you can set this up.”

How about lead off with what you know, or have found and attempted?

Say for example this

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Hi @clarkej. Thanks for the lead. I have tried to work with the examples but they don’t seem to address my problem. I want to be sending to customers (Using the the email address saved in the contact). But don’t know what condition it should be on the conditions. You guidance will be appreciated