Auto numbered ids? Way to separate id from Name and Account #?

For maximum flexibility, I usually use a 5 number chart of accounts, instead of the default 4. This is pretty tedious to update manually and I was able to update the account numbers using the data import tool and in theory it worked great, except that the account id/what shows when looking at the Chart of Accounts didn’t also update, as it would have if I updated each account number manually.

Not sure if this has been discussed/requested before, but it would be really helpful for importing/exporting for ids to be unique, unchangeable, auto numbers that are completely separate from anything related to the record, such as is the case for a relational database. This would allow for updating the record on import based on its unique (unchanging) record id. Whereas now, I can’t bulk update account names and numbers and also update the id that shows in the Chart of Accounts.

Looking at the data import example in the documentation, how would one bulk update the customer names if the id is the customer name? From my experience with importing the chart of accounts, the id doesn’t get updated when the import is successful even though the field the id is based on (Full Name) has changed.

Has updating the structure/id like this been discussed before? Is it possible out of the box to customize the software to be structured to make ids auto numbers?

Thank you in advance for any help or insight!