Auto Re-Order / Multiple Warehouse

Hello all,

Could you please let me know if you managed to apply auto re-reorder for a group of warehouses at once?

The scenario is the following:
I have the Warehouse AB (Group) that contains Warehouse A and Warehouse B. My objective is to analyse the stock for the Group itself and not Warehouse A and B separately. Basically A and B are to separate warehouse in 2 diferent locatins but in the final my real stock is the Group AB.

Checking the Auto Re-Order tool I see the “Check in (group)” where I add my warehouse group, but after “Request for” does not allow to select a group. A filter is applied as “is group = No”. Is there a way to emove this filter?

Thank you very much from France,
Pedro M.

Can someone share with me if you already faced this situation before?