Auto refresh or auto reload on loading a page in ERPNext

I have two pages.
Page A
Page B
From page A I am clicking on a link and navigating to page B.
Page A contain a list of data, on clicking on any one of them I will go to Page B which contain the print format of the particular form and the scan copy attached to it .
It is working fine.
After that from page B I clicked on the browser back button and reached to page A.
Now from page A when I am clicking on some other data , I am getting the previous B page only, though the url is containing the current B page address.
On refresh and on reload it is giving me the correct result.
I want to add auto refresh or auto reload functionality to my code.

Please suggest.

use me.refresh() or this.refresh()
page.item_field = page.add_field({
fieldname: ‘item_code’,
label: __(‘Item’),
change: function() {
page.item_dashboard.start = 0;