Auto reorder from store warehouse to central warehouse

Hi i’m new user in erpnext in cloud,
i want to ask about autoreorder, i have set autoreorder in one of product details

i want the flow process is when product in store warehouse < 10 automatic reorder to central warehouse.
But when product in store warehouse < 10 qty why the process reorder is not running?
is there a button to run the autoreorder process?

The reorder is triggered based on Projected Quantity, check the Projected Quantity in the “Stock Projected Qty” report.
Also the Re-order is triggered automatically at midnight by the Scheduler.
Lastly, make sure you have enabled Auto Re-order in Stock Settings.

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Hi @Manan_Shah,
i have enabled Auto Re-order in stock setting and i checked in “stock projected qty”

i saw the shortage qty is 4 but How do I know if the process is already running? and
in what part should I check?


The reorder is triggered only if Projected Qty is Less than Reorder Qty (set in item master)
Projected Qty takes into account expected Incoming items as well in the form of PO already placed or Requested Qty etc and expected Outgoing Qty as well.
Reorder is not triggered on Shortage Qty
To know more about Projected Qty take a look at
this documentation Projected Quantity