Auto-reorder is generating unnecessary Material Request


Can someone please check to see if there is a bug with the auto re-order?

I have filled out the auto re-order section on the item’s page as shown below.

And the current stock shows as

Everyday a new Material Request is created even when the item has plenty in stock.

To my knowledge I understand ERP should only generate a Material Request for said item when the stock levels, for this case, reaches 50.

Thank you!

Could you check your Warehouse tree to see if you have the same warehouse under a different group? Also, could you post your Frappe/ERPNext version

Thank you Pawan for your respone! Our ERPNext version is v8.9.1 (master) and the Frappe Framework is v8.8.3 (master).

I checked the warehouse tree and realized I had the check in (group) warehouse set as Production Warehouse, and my request for is the Inventory Warehouse. However, the raw materials are stored in the Inventory Warehouse, would that affect anything?

In that case, I assume system would check in the Production Warehouse group and it may not have the balance & hence you would be seeing a reorder material request being created.

@Pawan Thanks again for helping, changing the check in warehouse worked. However, I still have one raw material that is listed under the CCA group under the Production Warehouse that continues to generate a Material Request. The CCA group has the shelf numbers as child warehouses and the raw material sits on several different shelves, so I have the check in group as the Production Warehouse still and the Request for set to A1, please see screenshots below.

It should generate the Material Request based on the check in group, and collectively for the raw material there is at least 25 in stock and at least 25 in A1. Is it a problem the item is being housed in multiple warehouses?

@Alissa_Rice, this could be an issue with the code. Could you raise a GitHub issue with this scenario, here is the link

Found no solution in the github issue page for my problem which is similar.
Mine exact problem is…
Let us say the safety stock is 10 and my current stock is 9. Auto re-order functionality should order for let say 10 which is my minimum order qty. This happens as expected. The only problem is it is happening every day. i.e., when I see for material request after 10 days, it will create 10 material requests (duplicates) which is an issue. This should create material request only if not created already.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.